Dr. Tanner is a wonderful dentist!

natural healing dental My name is Monica Weber and I've been a dental assistant since 2004. I have only been here (at Dr. Tanner's Office) for a short time but I found that Dr. Tanner is a wonderful dentist...and a very kind person. My coworkers are lovely, and wonderful, and I really enjoy it here. The type of dentistry we do here is advanced - we do implants, surgeries, the normal extractions to sinus lifts and bone grafting, etc. It's a lot of fun here to learn new and exciting things. (2012)

(Note from Dr. Tanner's office: Monica's comments were several years prior to Dr. Nathan Tanner converting to being a full naturopathic/holistic dentist. Monica moved on but we were grateful to have her while we did and it is our hope that she is doing fantastic in her endeavors.)

Monica Weber