Bone Grafting

image of Bone Grafting
Dental implant bone grafting is a procedure done in the dental office. It replaces the bone that has been lost with material from the patient's own body (autogenous bone) or with a natural, artificial, or synthetic substitute. Bone grafting replaces missing bone lost from previous dental extractions, injuries, accidents, cysts, periodontal disease, infections along with many other causes.

Dental implant bone grafting can restore the lost bone and allow you to have new completely functional teeth with dental implants.

Socket Preservation
After a tooth has been removed, the bone that supported this tooth rapidly begins to melt away. When an implant dentist knows that a dental implant will later be placed into this area, a socket preservation grafting procedure is performed to reduce the bone loss in the socket. Socket preservation grafting is done to conserve the bone in the area of the jaw in which a dental implant will be placed.

Sinus Augmentation
The purpose of a sinus augmentation is to raise the maxillary sinus floor and provide adequate space and bone for safe and successful placement of dental implants to replace missing upper molars. The dental implant dentist will recommend a sinus lift procedure when the CT-scan shows that there is not enough bone structure in the upper jaw to support the dental implants.

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