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FAQ - What is anterior vertical growth?  Answer To Frequently Asked Question

  FAQ - What is anterior vertical growth?
  Anterior vertical growth is characterized by the increase over time of the vertical length of the front of the head, namely the forehead, the nasal area, and the upper and lower jaws. When the vertical anterior facial growth is disproportionately greater than horizontal growth (front to back and side to side) of the head, potential health concerns arise. Specifically, as the upper and lower jaws grow vertically disproportionate to the upper face, the lower jaw tends to move down and back, often resulting in the development of one or several health problems (e.g. - poor alignment of the teeth, tempero-mandibular joint pain, constricted airway/breathing, migraines, speech impediments, etc.). For more information on anterior vertical facial growth, please click on the square to the right.

anterior vertical growth

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Anterior Vertical Growth

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